The Ford Taurus is a popular full-size sedan that has plenty of performance options that increase its handling abilities and acceleration. Our team in Conneaut, OH finds the versatility of the Taurus to be quite impressive. They like that there is a dedicated sport model.

One of the most useful performance features on the Taurus is the AWD system. This system helps the Taurus to get off the line quicker and enhances grip in all weather situations. The Taurus can also use a torque vectoring system to help it pull through curves at increased rates of speed. This is done by applying the brakes to the inside wheel slightly, so the outside wheel rotates quicker. This pushes the Taurus into the curve instead of pulling it into the curve. This system helps to cut down on understeer.

To learn more about performance features on the Ford Taurus, visit Greg Sweet Ford. You can even take one out for a test drive to see how well it handles.

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