Performance Features of the Ford Fusion

A popular midsize sedan is the Ford Fusion, delivering superior engine performance, with some of its trims rated best in class for horsepower and acceleration rate. It also offers a range of features that ensure smooth handling.

Sensors govern each wheel of the Fusion, making minute adjustments in response to any changes in the road's surface. They then allocate the proper amount of torque to the wheels that require more traction, increasing grip and avoiding wheel slip. If the Fusion encounters a crosswind or an uneven road, its electric power-assisted steering system counters the drifting that would normally occur, allowing you to drive in a straight line with no deviation. It will also reduce any vibrations of the steering wheel itself, reducing driver fatigue.

You can experience the Ford Fusion's smooth handling today when you visit Greg Sweet Ford, Inc. in Conneaut, OH. You can reserve a time for a test drive if you like, and we’ll be around to discuss its performance features.

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