If you're looking for a tough mid-size pickup truck by Ford, the Ford Ranger is a great choice. This blog post highlights two of the Ranger's toughest features.

Under the Ford Ranger's hood, there is a 10-speed automatic transmission system. This particular transmission has patented technology by Ford, so it's very tough. The basic design is highly efficient because all of the hardware is optimized. As the transmission climbs to high speeds, its gear progressions are very smooth and fast. On the road, the transmission is totally protected by a steel frame. The Ranger has a high-strength steel frame and two steel bumpers; these features make the Ranger one of the toughest vehicles in Ford's lineup.

A test drive is a convenient way to experience the Ford Ranger's power, speed, and toughest. If you want to test drive a Ranger in Conneaut, OH, the team at Greg Sweet Ford, Inc. can help you get started.

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