The Ford Escape is a compact SUV. Unfortunately for compact SUVs, many people start to doubt a vehicle's proficiency as soon as they hear the word "compact." At Greg Sweet Ford, Inc., however, we know that the Escape can deliver when it comes to reliability and capability.

The Ford Escape comes equipped with a number of drive modes, which will make it easy for you to choose how to navigate whatever environment or terrain you're dealing with. Whether it's steep hills, slushy snow, a muddy dirt road, or something else, the Ford Escape will help you exit the situation safely. That's not to mention the Escape's four different engine options, each designed to appeal to a different style of driving.

With capability features like these, it's no wonder that the Ford Escape has been generating buzz and acclaim. Come test drive this SUV here at Greg Sweet Ford, Inc. to see if it's really worth your time!

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