A car crash is a leading death to babies aged between one to 12 years. But it is preventable by selecting the right car seat for your kids. When choosing a baby seat, there are few things to consider.

  • Size of the seat
  • Age of your kid
  • Type of the seat

Kids undergo about three stages before getting to seat belt safety. You can restrain your child using a rear-facing seat for a toddler less than one-year-old. As they meet two years, a forward-facing baby-seat is appropriate to upgrade. Later a belt-positioning can be introduced to eight to twelve-year kids.

The idea of a belt-positioning device is to position the baby properly on an adult seat belt. It contacts the waist, and shoulder keeping them safe in fatal collision occurrence. Remember, when choosing a car seat; ensure it fits in well in your car. Car seat experts recommend a new seat rather than a used baby car seat.

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