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With over a dozen charging stations within a one-hour radius from our dealership in Conneaut, you may be wondering if your next vehicle might use electric power. But which type of electrified vehicle is right for you? Ford offers three types of electrified models: hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and all-electric (EV).

A hybrid vehicle uses a gas engine but has an electric motor to help delay gas use and work together to provide more power. The battery that powers the electric motor gets recharged automatically by either the gas engine or through regenerative braking.

A plug-in hybrid vehicle has a battery that you can recharge. It still has a gas engine, but more emphasis is placed on using the electric engine. Once your battery runs out, the gas engine takes over.

An all-electric vehicle has no gas engine. You must charge the battery, often overnight, unless you have fast-charging capabilities. Many electric vehicles these days have a range of at least 250-miles, and there are many public charging stations popping up nationwide.

Check back frequently for all the new electric vehicles coming out!

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